Winchmore Hill Bowls Club

Winchmore Hill Bowls Club Men's Middlesex squad

Men's Middlesex

Captain : Lionel Reisman

Vice Captain : Mike Sibthorpe

2013 Club Men's Captain
Philip Broodney
2012 will be Philip's first full bowling season
Michael Dady
International Bowls Umpire and level 3 Senior coach
Alan Jarvis
Men's  Vice Captain
Ray Webbing
I joined the Club as a playing member in 1986. Between 1990 and 1994 inclusive I was the Green Ranger operating with the then professional part-time Green Keeper - Mr. Barry Aylott.  In 1995 the services of the Green Keeper were dispensed with and the 'Green Team' was formed - Geoff Spooner, Ken Payne, Gordon Cocksedge and myself.  Since the formation of Green Team it has been headed by three Green Rangers:   1995-2002 Geoff Spooner; 2003-2009 Roy Bottomley;    2010-2015 myself.  I have served three years as Club Vice Captain and three years as Captain.  I qualified as a Club Bowling Instructor on 20th July 1992 and have operated as such ever since.  In April 1994, together with Len Ford and Jim Haskins (not a Club Member but our adviser and supplier of the plastic materials and moulding equipment necessary) we completely dismantled and re-built what was the decaying scoreboard.  When the Club House was extended in 1991/92 with the new bar, storage room and Gents' toilet being built, the old bar area and Gents' toilet were knocked into one and incorporated with the Ladies' small Changing Room to make what it is the present Changing Room.  Together with Gordon Cocksedge (a past member) we renovated and painted the walls and ceiling, including supplying and fitting all the imitation wood paneling, tiling both of the toilets from floor to ceiling and providing the desk - all of this is there to see today.  Since 1990 I have been responsible for the allocation of all the lockers in the Mens' Changing Room, acquiring and fitting the name plates and maintaining the index board.  At the AGM in 2011 I was honoured by being made a Life Member for Services to the Club.
Performance history
2019 Summer000000
2017 Summer100000
2016 Summer41031129
2015 Summer300391155
2014 Summer5203172181